If you have found us, you are probably ready to make some positive changes in your personal and professional life. Our clients are senior leaders who are interested in building greater levels of success within their operations through the utilization of new leadership techniques that create high-performance environments. Our accelerated learning programs are geared towards senior managers and the decision makers who support them, and are intended to provide practical, effective tools that can be applied immediately with positive results. Our name, Upward Journey, describes much of what we do. We believe that success is a journey rather than a destination. Our job is to provide you with the support you need to reach and satisfy the personal and professional goals on your success path. Please explore our site and visit our suite of services and programs.

What’s YOUR formula for success?

We envision a world of exceptional leaders who are committed to being living role models of values and conscious leadership in both their personal and professional lives. These “cultural architects” share a vital responsibility in creating and facilitating positive change on a grand scale, even beyond the walls of their organizations. We intend to create a powerful global network of conscious and inspired leadership…one leader at a time!

Where are you in YOUR
leadership evolution?
We help senior leaders better understand how to develop and ignite the “human capital” within their operations. We help people connect their PASSION with their PURPOSE to ignite INSPIRATION and CREATIVITY. For those in leadership roles, this is critical to creating high-performance teams and cultures.

Are YOU an inspired leader?